Learn to Belly Dance DVD - Photo of Tejal Belly Dancing

Welcome to Tejal's website: Learn to Belly Dance DVD

Here, you can buy my instructional belly dancing DVDs/videos and book. They include methods I found most successful in my classes for teaching the absolute beginner as well as intermediate students with finger cymbals. Check out 'What's inside' from the shop button.

If you'd like to learn about the music, costumes and history of this ancient art form, or see my recommended links on these subjects, just click on 'Information'.

Belly dancing is also known as Arabic dance, Middle-Eastern dance, Egyptian dance, Oriental dance (as the area of origin used to be known as the Orient), Raqs Sharqi (although teaching methods vary), Raks Araby, Raks Baladi/Beledi, danse du ventre, and probably many other names.